Names that start with cal (+100 that will surprise you)

names that start with cal
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Names that start with Cal carry a versatile charm, evoking a sense of both classic elegance and contemporary flair so In recent times, there has been a noticeable surge in the popularity of names that start with Cal like Calvin, Callum, Callahan, or Calix,

  • Calvin : With Latin origins, and Calvin’s name means bald or hairless.
  • Callum: This Scottish name with dove or dove-like meaning.
  • Callahan: Irish name, means bright-headed or strife.
  • Calix: Derived from the Latin word calix, meaning chalice or cup.

In in this long list, we aim to provide you with a diverse list of names that start with Cal for both boys and girls. Whether you prefer traditional, unique, or versatile names that can be shortened to Cal, you’ll find a wide array of options to explore.

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important
sound in any language.”.

So If you’re a mom or dad and looking for names that exude strength, elegance, or a touch of distinction, we have curated a selection that will inspire and help you find the perfect name for your baby. Keep reading to find out more!

Names that start with cal girl

For those seeking beautiful names that start with cal for girls,  we present a range of options. Each name has its own amazing sound and meaning, allowing you to find a name that resonates with your little princess. 

Here is a table highlighting some popular choices along with their meanings, making it easier to pick a name and might help you find one you didn’t think about before.

CALANDRASkylark; may have originated as a byname for someone with a good singing voice.Italian
CALANTHABeautiful flower; from Greek elements kalos “beautiful” and anthos “flower.”English
CALANTHEBeautiful flower; variant spelling of Calantha.English
CALANTHIABeautiful flower; variant spelling of Calantha.English
CALEIGHSlender; variant spelling of Kayley.English
CALFURAYViolet; Native American Mapuche flower name.Native American (Mapuche)
CALIDAHot; derived from the Spanish word “calida.”English
CALISTAMost beautiful; variant spelling of Callista.English
CALISTOMost beautiful; variant spelling of Callisto.English
CALLABeauty; derived from the name of the Calla Lily, meaning “wattle of a cock.”English
CALLIDORAGift of beauty; composed of kallos “beauty” and doron “gift.”Greek
CALLIEMost beautiful; English pet form of Callista.English
CALLIGENIABeauty-born; Latin form of Greek Kalligeneia.Latin
CALLIOPEBeautiful voice; Latin form of Greek Kalliope.Latin
CALLISTAMost beautiful; Latin form of Greek Kallistê.Latin
CALLISTEMost beautiful; Latin form of Greek Kallistê.Latin
CALLISTOMost beautiful; Latin form of Greek Kallisto.Latin
CALOGERABeautiful elder; feminine form of Italian Calogero.Italian
CALTHAKingcup, marsh marigold; derived from the Greek word “calyx,” meaning “cup.”English
CALVINALittle bald one; feminine form of Italian Calvino.Italian
CALYPSOShe who conceals; Latin form of Greek Kalypso.Latin

Boy names starting with cal

boy names starting with cal

If you desire strong and masculine names that begin with “Cal” for your baby boy, we have compiled a table of options. Each name carries a unique flair and significance. 

So you can take a look and find the perfect name that embodies the qualities you envision for your son. 

CALShort form of English Calvin “little bald one,” and other names beginning with Cal-.English
CALBHACHIrish Gaelic name meaning “bald.”Irish Gaelic
CALDEREnglish surname transferred to forename use, probably from the place name Calder in Cumbria, composed of the Welsh elements caled “hard; violent,” and dwfr “stream, water,” hence “violent water.”English
CALEShort form of English Caleb, meaning “dog” or “rabid.”English
CALEBAnglicized form of Hebrew Kaleb, meaning “dog” or “rabid.” In the bible, this is the name of one of the twelve spies sent into Israel by Moses.Hebrew, Biblical
CALIGULAPet name for the despotic Gaius Julius Cæsar Augustus Germanicus, third Roman Emperor, meaning “little boots.”Latin, Roman
CALIXShort form of Latin Callixtus, meaning “most beautiful.”Latin
CALLAHANIrish surname transferred to forename use, derived from the personal name Ceallachán, possibly meaning “little bright-headed one.”Irish
CALLIASLatin form of Greek Kallias, meaning “beauty.”Greek
CALLICRATESLatin form of Greek Kallikrates, meaning “beauty-power.”Greek
CALLISTOItalian form of Latin Callistus, meaning “most beautiful.” Compare with feminine Callisto.Italian, Latin
CALLISTRATELatin form of Greek Kallistrates, meaning “beauty-army.”Greek
CALLISTRATUSLatin form of Greek Kallistratos, meaning “beauty-army.”Greek
CALLISTUSLatin form of Greek Kallistos, meaning “most beautiful.”Greek
CALLIXTUSVariant spelling of Latin Callistus, meaning “most beautiful.”Latin
CALLUMVariant spelling of Scottish Calum, meaning “dove.”Scottish
CALOGEROItalian form of Latin Calogerus, meaning “beautiful elder.”Italian, Latin
CALOGERUSLatin form of Greek Kalogeros, meaning “beautiful elder.”Greek
CALUMScottish form of Latin Columba, meaning “dove.”Scottish
CALVAGHVariant spelling of Irish Gaelic Calbhach, meaning “bald.”Irish Gaelic
CALVERTEnglish occupational surname transferred to forename use, derived from Middle English calfhirde, meaning “calf-herder.”English
CALVINEnglish name derived from Latin Calvinus, meaning “little bald one.”English, Latin
CALVINOItalian form of Latin Calvinus, meaning “little bald one.”Italian, Latin
CALVINUSLatin form of the French surname Chauvin, from a diminutive of Norman calve (“bald”), hence “little bald one.”Latin, French

Boy names starting with cali

boy names starting with cali

Maybe you’re searching for a name that begins with ‘Cali,’ particularly for boys. Check out this list of cool boy names starting with Cali. We’ve compiled names that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

CalihanPowerful leaderIrish
CalistoMost beautifulGreek
CalixVery handsomeGreek
CalibFierce oneEnglish

And see what vibes with you and your little one. Read more about the meanings too – it might just help you find that perfect fit for your kid. Dive in and pick a name that’s as awesome as your little guy!

Boy names starting with cala

boy names starting with cala

What about if you’re in search of boy names starting with “Cala,!! We have prepared a table showcasing a collection of names that might catch your attention. Ranging from traditional to contemporary, these names offer a variety of options for your baby boy. 

CalanPowerful warriorWelsh
CalahanLittle churchIrish
CalaisSon of BoreasGreek
CalantheBeautiful flowerGreek
CalawayFrom the pebbly streamEnglish
CalarioBrave warriorUnknown
CaladonGreat powerUnknown
CalanthaBeautiful flowerGreek

Now take your time to explore the difference between each name and choose the one that resonates with you. It’s your baby’s name, and it will be a part of their journey in life.

Names with cal in them Video

Boy names starting with call

Hey there, soon-to-be mom and dad! If you’re on the lookout for awesome names starting with “Call” for your little dude, check out this cool list. Dive into the meanings and origins to find that perfect name for your little champ.

Sure, we know that the decision of choosing a name is a deeply personal one, a testament to the love and anticipation you hold for your son, so let your intuition guide you as you navigate this enchanting world of boy names that begin with ‘Call’.

CallistoMost beautifulGreek
CallixteMost beautifulFrench

In the end did you find it? Found names that start with cal you’ve been searching for? Choosing a baby name can be stressful, but it should also be enjoyable. Make it fun to pick the perfect name for your new bundle of joy!

It’s a good idea for you and your partner to make a list and then compare and choose some names. You might even find names you both love. Enjoy naming your baby!


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