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unique country baby boy names

When choosing a baby boy’s name, country baby names are the most traditional and popular choice. These gentle and sweet words have an old-fashioned charm. Some country names are derived from Old English, such as Hope, which means “industrious one.” Many other country baby names are derived from Irish or Germanic roots. If your child will grow up in the heart of the countryside, then a name like Hope would be a good choice.

There are a lot of choices among country baby boy names. Logan, which means “small hollow,” is a wonderful choice. Another unique, southern, and country boy name is Macon, which means “dawn.” Bobby, a former slang for police officers in the United Kingdom, is an attractive choice but is best given to parents with ties to the city. If you’d like to make your son’s name a little bit more unique, consider compounding it with a city name.

unique country baby girl names

A country girl’s name can be as unique as the family tree: Georgias and Candys are sweet, all-American names. And if you’re considering a name for your little girl, there are plenty of options. For example, Candy is a great choice for a little girl, and the Welsh princess Gladys is sweet. Glenda is a more rustic yet still elegant option, which means “clean and holy”. And Gracie is another lovely choice. While there are no modern origins for the name, it comes from the old English and has a meaning that evokes the image of the free man.