Baltic mythology names for babies – Best unique 2 lists

Baltic mythology names for babies
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Despite Western influences on Latvian names, Baltic mythology names for babies have long been associated with mythological creatures. Before the Russian invasion, Latvians were only known by one name. Their choice of the first name was usually chosen from the natural environment. These include partridge, bear, cherry tree, apple tree, and the like. As a result, parents were often permitted to rename their children before their first birthday.
Names from Baltic mythology include Lauma, which means ‘forest spirit.’ Another choice is Marija, which translates to ‘loved.’ Other popular Baltic Mythology Names For babies Boy include Austeja, which relates to the Goddess of the wind and storm. A variant of this name is Barbora, which means ‘female fox’ in Lithuanian.

Baltic Mythology Names For babies Boy

There are numerous Baltic Mythology Names For babies Boy that you can choose for your baby. Vadimas means ‘knowing’ and can compete with the latest trendy baby names. You can also choose names like Pranciskus, which means ‘free,’ and Steponas, which means ‘king.’ You may also consider names like Giedrius, which means ‘peacock,’ and Vanda, which means ‘dear.’

Baltic mythology names for boy babies

list of Baltic Mythology Names For Boys babies

BangpūtysBoy the god of the seas and storms
DievasBoy (“God”)
DievasBoy Dievas Senelis is proficient at magic and medicine.
PerkūnasBoy the Thunder
Jūratė and KastytisBoy  heroes of a Lithuanian legend
Laukų dvasiosBoy (spirits of fields)
UpinisBoy a spirit of rivers
KaukasBoy spirits similar to leprechauns.
VėlėsBoy spirits of dead human beings.
AitvarasBoyspirit bringing both good and bad luck

Among the best-known Lithuanian boys’ names, Matis is the most popular choice. It is a variant of Matthew and means “gift of God.” In the case of a girl, Janina is a popular choice, but some people associate it with Jane. The word ‘flax’ is also an appropriate feminine form of Linas.

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The Latvian legends are filled with fables and folktales. The fabled princess Pajauta is famous, inspiring several fictional heroines. While there is little evidence that Pajauta is real, she is linked to the Baltic people and inspired several popular fairy tales and movies. And, of course, she is still an essential part of Latvian culture and its numerous folk festivals.

Baltic Mythology Names For girl babies

Those who choose a name from the Baltics mythology names for babies girl can choose Janus. During the pre-Christian period, the God Janus, the God of light, was worshipped. The Latvians still celebrate the festival of Janus on the summer solstice. Despite its pre-Christian heritage, the country has a long and unique tradition of naming their children. These gods have often been associated with healthy family life and a loving relationship with their children.

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list of Baltic Mythology Names For girl babies

AušrinėGirl the Morning Star
Auštaras (Auštra)Girl the god of the northeast wind
DaliaGirl goddess of fate and weaving.
Deivės ValdytojosGirlGoverning Goddesses
GabijaGirl the foster of the Holy Fire
LaimaGirl goddess of Fate and pregnant women.
MėnuoGirl the Moon
SaulėGirl the Sun Goddess
VakarinėGirl goddess of the Evening Star.
VėjopatisGirl god of the wind
ŽemynaGirl goddess
Žvaigždės (singular: žvaigždė)Girl stars. Saulė (the sun) is their mother and sometimes with the Moon as their father.
PajautaGirl the legendary princess of Kernavė
EžerinisGirl a spirit of lakes
JavinėGirl a household goddess who protects grain in barns.
KupolėGirl the spirit of springtime vegetation and flowers. The Festival of Kupolė (Kupolinės) was associated with Feast of St. John the Baptist (Joninės). In this festival
LaumėGirl a fairy-like female creature (pixies). Described as white and blue as the sky itself.
BaubasGirl an evil spirit with long lean arms

In Lithuania, there are several common mythology baby names. Agne is a favorite among Slavic parents, and this name has a beautiful sound and a meaningful meaning. Other popular names include Saule (Sun goddess), Stanislava (the star), and Sofija, the name of a flower that symbolizes wisdom. If you are unsure, check out the following ideas. They may inspire you to name with Baltic Mythology Names For your newborn babies!
There are also several Biblical and mythological names inspired by the Baltic region. Elijas is the Hebrew name for God and is a good choice, as the name has a long history of use. The famous filmmaker Elijah Wood, for instance, is named Elijah, a name inspired by the Bible. And don’t forget about the legendary mortal heroes of Lithuania: Jonas, Samaritan, and Smilte are all great choices.

Baltic mythology names Video

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In Eastern Slavic folklore, the Alkonost is a mythological creature with many forms. In mythology, he takes the shape of a bird with a woman’s head and chest. His body is covered with flames, and he is often portrayed as a rooster. The Alkonost is responsible for the weather in a particular region. When he isn’t around, he steals grain from other households.

While the Baltics are not as familiar with Christianity as other areas of Europe, their mythology is still fascinating. The myths and stories are a bit recent, but much of the original religion is still alive in folklore. Most of the ancient religions survived in folklore, so much so that it’s possible to discover the history of their gods and goddesses. In Lithuania, for example, a god-myth was created around nature and associated with specific elements of the landscape. Its god-myths changed with local weather conditions, political situations, and cultural influences.

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