Names That Start With A C For Boy & Girls: most 150 wanted

Baby names that start with a c
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Have you ever wondered what Names That Start With A C to be taken for your baby boy? You’re not alone because many parents share the same problem: finding their child’s names starting with A C. This article will tell you the names with A C for boys and girls like Acuario, Achi and Achva. If you’re looking for a name for your little boy, you can choose from the long list we prepared for newborn Baby boys and girls’ Names that Start With A C. There are plenty of great choices, with names beginning with A C ranging from classic to modern. Consider using a letter like C to get your inspiration flowing. This alphabetical letter contains various consonant sounds, cultural meanings, and overall vibes. Let us know more

Baby Boy names that start with a c

Some of the French girls’ names begin with A C. Like Aceline that is meaning ‘Noble’.For boys therecare traditional and modern names that start with A C. Like Ackley and Acker that is a surname from German or Old English, meaning “field” (28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014) was a British clarinetist and vocalist known for his breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register style, and distinctive appearance – of goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat. A C name for boys can range from the unusual to the contemporary and popular.

what are some Boy names that start with a c?

Boy names that start with a c will be well-suited for various reasons. For one, the letter has a wide range of possible pronunciations. It’s an excellent choice for a family who wants unique names and rare for their children you can check out names that start with pra to get rare names. The word that contains “C” can have different pronunciations depending on the spelling, so choosing a C-based name is likely to be easier than you think.

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List of a c names for boys

ACESTESgreekmyth name
AchHebrewAch meaning it’s : brother.
AchaHebrewIt means brother.
AchachakNative AmericanThe meaning it’s : a boy with good soul.
ACHATESgreekmyth name
AchaziaHebrewIt means God holds.
AchaziahHebrewIt means God holds.
ACHERONgreekmyth name
AchiHebrewAchi Hebrew meaning it’s : clever.
AchiavHebrewAchiav meaning it’s : uncle.
AchidodHebrewAchidod means friend.
AchiemHebrewAchiem meaning it’s : uncle.
AchihudHebrewIt means the exalted brother.
AchikarHebrewAchikar Hebrew meaning it’s : brother.
AchillesGreek Achilles was a beautiful figure from the Greek mythology. 
AchimaatzHebrewIt means the beloved brother.
AchinaHebrewAchina Hebrew meaning it’s : brother.
AchinadavHebrewAchinadav meaning it’s : brother.
AchinerHebrewIt means brother.
AchintyaIndianIt means hard.
AchipeletHebrewThe meaning it’s : savior.
AchirIndianAchir means current.
AchisamachHebrewIt means brother.
AchishalomHebrewThe meaning it’s : the beloved father.
AchitzedekHebrewIt means fearless.
AchitzurHebrewStrong as a stone.
AchvaHebrewAcha Hebrew meaning it’s : small and clever.
AchyutaHindu It means beautiful.
AchzaiHebrewIt means : God power.
AcilnioSpanishAcilnio Spanish meaning it’s : eagle.
ACIMhebrew“The L
ACISgreekMyth Name (lover Of Galatea)
ACKERenglishfrom the oa
AckerleyOld English It means meadow.
ACKERMANenglishman of oak
ACOLMIXTLInahuatlmeaning unk
ACONTEUSgreekmyth name
ACRISIUSgreekmyth name (
ACTASSIchamorushare the
ActonOld English Acton it’s a tree name
AcuzioLatin Acuzio means a sharp thing.
AcyutarayaIndianIt means the little one.
ACASTUSGreekMyth Name (an Argonaut)
ACCALONArthurianLover Of Margan Le Fay (fifteenth Century)
AceAnglo SaxonUnity
AceEnglishA Nickname Given To One Who Excels: Also An English Surname Meaning Noble.
AcelFrenchAdherent Of A Nobleman
AcennanAnglo SaxonBrings
AceyAnglo SaxonUnity
AchaiusScottishFriend Of A Horse
AchakNative AmericanSpirit (Algonquin)
ACHARYAIndianSpiritual Teacher
AckerleyEnglishDweller At The Acre Meadow
AcwelAnglo SaxonKills
AcwellenAnglo SaxonKills
ACHCAUHTLINahuatlUnisexual Name Meaning “leader.”
 Acario Latin  Ungrateful 
 Accursius Latin  Hasten
 Ace Latin  Unity
 Achilles Greek  Greek Mythilogical Figure
 Ackerley Old English  Dweller Of A Meadow
 Ackley Old English  Dweller Of Oak Tree Meadow
 Acton Old English  Town Filled With Oak Trees
 Acuzio Latin  Sharp 
AcaciaSpanishHonorable. Biblical: acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle.
AccadBiblicala vessel; pitcher; spark

Another popular boy name that starts with a c is ACHILLES which means lipless, with greek origin and famous one holding this name is “Achilleus” who was a hero of the Trojan War, the greatest of all the Greek warriors, and the central character of Homer’s Iliad. He was the son of the Nereid Thetis and Peleus, king of Phthia.

Baby girl names that start with a c

girl names starting with a c

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful baby girl name, then girl names starting with A C are a great choice. These names include Acadia, Acacia, Accalia, Aceline, and more.Like “Acacia” and Acacia name with a Greek or African origin, meaning “Resurrection” Or “guileless.”Name Of A Blossoming Tree That Symbolizes Rebirth” and famous one holding this name is “Acacia Brinley” sh is an Actress and known for Another Day in Paradise (2016), American Satan (2017) and Flhaunt (2015).

List of girl names start with a c

ACACIAGreek“Resurrection” Or “guileless.”Name Of A Blossoming Tree That Symbolizes Rebirth.
ACADEMIALatinNamed For Ciceros Villa ACARNANIA
ACHANAfricanDinka Of South Sudan Name For A Female Child In The First Pair Of Twins.
AcheflowArthurianWhite Flower
AcaciaHebrewThorny, naive
AcaciaGreek Acacia means a mythology,it’s also a tree,that simbolize the afterlife,immortality and hope.
AcadiaCanadian It means skillfulness
AcanitUgandan It means nasty or challenging times.
AcanthaGreek It means a legend
AccaliaLatin It means the name that the mother of Romulus and Remus had.
AcediaCzech Bored
AchalHindu It means the unmovable one
AchaziaHebrew It means that the Lord holds.. 
AchenUgandan It means a twin
AchillaGreek It means a figure from Greek mythology.
AchlysGreek It means darkness and wickedness 
ACIMAhebrewFeminine fo
AcchoBiblicalclose; pressed together
AceldamaBiblicalfield of blood
AchabBiblicalbrother of the father
AchaiaBiblicalgrief; trouble
AchaicusBiblicala native of Achaia; sorrowing; sad
AchanBiblicalor Achar, he that troubleth
AchazBiblicalone that takes, or possesses
AckleyEnglishDwells at the oak tree meadow

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