Tips for newborn baby

Tips for Newborn baby
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As a new parent of course you need some Tips For Newborn Baby, it’s important to be aware of the unique characteristics and needs of your newborn baby. Upon birth, your child may have a reddish colouration and be covered in a thick layer of fat, which will eventually dissipate to reveal smoothness,

The baby’s first scream triggers the first breath and provides the necessary oxygen.
The baby can be born hairless or with long, glossy and dark hair.
The newborn, awakening from his sleep avoids opening his eyes, but they are usually grey at those babies who will have blue eyes.

The small nose, the short neck, the short and squatting arms and legs-all these reveal that you have given birth to a perfectly healthy child.
In the first minutes after birth, the doctor evaluates the newborn’s condition, which means calculating the APGAR score – skin colour, respiratory function, circulatory function, muscle tone and the response to specific excitants. After that, the baby is weighed and transferred to
the newborn ward.

It’s important to know that in the first five days, the newborn may lose weight, but he
recovers quickly; if the weight isn’t recovered in three weeks, the newborn is either underfed
or sick.
In the first two-four days, the baby’s skin will get a yellowish colour, wich is called jaundice
and goes away in one three weeks.
Another important element is skin exfoliation, which begins in intrauterine life and
continues in the first weeks of life. We will clean de skin using chamomile infusion and we’ll
never use antibiotics or soapy water.

How to breastfeed a newborn?

The baby will be placed at his mother’s breast 6-12 hours after birth. Breastfeeding has the
purpose to empty regularly the breast and so it helps the uterus to contract and recover more
quickly after birth.

Breastfeeding can be painful the first time and the mother may have some difficulties with the
newborn if he refuses to drink his mother’s milk.

You shouldn’t oblige the baby because, in two or three days, he’ll get comfortable around you
and also will feel safe, which will lead to accepting the breastfeeding. The baby will eat six-
seven times per day and the time he feeds will become bigger and bigger.

Tips For Newborn Baby about breastfeeding

  1. During breastfeeding. You should be calm and avoid any kind of conversation because
    they will surely disturb the newborn.
  2. You will have to wash your hands carefully to clean your fingernails and clean your breast
    using a wet handkerchief.
  3. You should know the perfume smell can make the baby refuse the breast.
  4. After you did all these things, you have to discover the perfect position to breastfeed, for
    both you and your baby.
  5. Another important thing you should always remember is: if the baby falls asleep try not to
    wake him with sudden moves and remove him from your breast as gently as you can.
  6. The feeding schedule is established with the paediatrician, but basically, you’ll breastfeed
    your baby five-seven times per day.

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    It’s recommended that in the first two-three weeks, after each meal, the baby should
    burp . This will help him evacuate the air from his stomach and so he won’t have problems
    such as vomiting or abdominal colics.
    If the newborn decreases weight or stagnates during the third week of life it’s time to consider
    feeding your baby using baby formula.

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