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soft names for boys
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If you’re looking for a Soft Boy names that is timeless and unique, consider giving your baby a soft name. Many names are perfect for boys, and there are several soft names for boys. You’ll want to take into account your child’s gender and the name of any subsequent children. Listed below are some examples of soft names for boys.

Soft boy names

Soft boy names are typically given to children with a gentle personality, but it can be difficult to choose a gender-neutral name for a newborn baby boy. There is an abundance of hard-to-pronounce names and gender-specific names for the baby. But finding a special and soft boy name will not be easy.

There are many reasons parents may choose these types of names for their sons: the rise of technology has made more choices available, and people are becoming less tolerant of trying to figure out social norms of naming conventions. In this article, I will present some soft boy names that have been popular recently and provide general information about them.

List of Soft Boy names

ALEYNArthurianA Fisher King
ADWINAfricanAkan Of Ghana Word Meaning “artist” Or “thinker.”
AdonisAfricanGod Of Peace And Love.
JaylendAmericanLending Help: Helpful To Others.
JAGURAramaicHeap Of Stones; Marker
SIONArmenianA Form Of John
IZMIRLIANArmenianFrom Izmir
KOLBArmenianFrom Kolb
AleynArthurianA Fisher King
ALEYNArthurianA Fisher King
AleynArthurianA Fisher King
ERROMONBasqueFrom Rome
ADIRANBasqueFrom The Adriatic
MAIPEChamoruFiery; Hot
LAIChamoruFriend; Man; Law
LACOCzechoslovakianFamous Ruler
JOZKACzechoslovakianGod Will Multiply
ABBOTEnglishAbbey Father
AbbotEnglishAbbey Father
AbbottEnglishAbbey Father
ABBOTEnglishAbbey Father
AbbotEnglishAbbey Father
AbbottEnglishAbbey Father
ACKERMANEnglishMan Of Oak
PARTTYLIFinnishA Form Of Bartholomew
ANTTIFinnishFinnish Form Of Andrew (manly)
HEIKKIFinnishFinnish Form Of Henry (rules The Home)
JANNEFinnishFinnish Form Of John
JANIFinnishFinnish Form Of John (God Is Gracious)
JOOSEPFinnishFinnish Form Of Joseph (He Adds)
KariFinnishFinnish Form Of Makarios
PAAVOFinnishFinnish Form Of Paul (little)
RIKKARDFinnishFinnish Form Of Richard (strong Ruler)
OSKARIFinnishLeaping Warrior
AcelFrenchAdherent Of A Nobleman
ABBOIDGaelicAbbey Father
ABIDAHebrewGod Knows
KANNANHindiA Form Of Krishna. KAPIL
AghyIrishFriend Of Horses
AidrianIrishFrom The Adriatic
ADRIANOItalianFrom The Adriatic
GOROJapaneseFifth Son
DAIJapaneseLarge; Generation.
AHANUNative AmericanAlgonquin Name Meaning ” He Laughs.”
ABUKCHEECHNative AmericanAlgonquin Name Meaning ” Mouse.”
ACHAKNative AmericanAlgonquin Name Meaning ” Spirit.”
ABOOKSIGUNNative AmericanAlgonquin Name Meaning ” Wildcat.”
AkechetaNative AmericanFighter (Sioux)
AhigaNative AmericanHe Fights (Navajo)
AhanuNative AmericanHe Laughs (Algonquin)
ChiamakaNigerianGod Is Spelndid.
MunachisoNigerianGod Is With Me.
HaydnOld GermanHeathen Or Fire.
AzhairePolishFamous. Variant Of Azhar.
ThourScandinavianGod Of Thunder.
KristofferScandinavianHe Of Christian Faith.
AchaiusScottishFriend Of A Horse
BURIANSlavicHe Lives Near The Weeds CASIMIR
URSSwissFrom Latin “ursus”, The Bear
DATVietnameseAccomplished, To Attain, To Achieve
DAC KIENVietnameseAcquired View Or Knowledge
DIENVietnameseFarm, Farming
CHIENVietnameseFight, Battle, Combat
CUONGVietnameseHealthy And Prosperous
IUSTIGWelshLegend Name (son Of Caw) KAY
MABONWelshLegend Name (son Of Modron) MABSANT
FERCOSWelshLegend Name (son Of Poch) FFLAM
DylanWelshMan From The Sea
ELYEYiddishGod Is Yah (Jehovah)
YOSSELYiddishGod Will Multiply ZELIG

unisex & soft boy names

If you’re looking for soft names for boys and unique for your child, Angel is definitely a contender. The name comes from the Hebrew word “angel” and means “helper of God.” Interestingly enough, the name is also the name of a chief of the angels known as seraphim. This angel is responsible for the destruction of the army of Sennacherib. And while this name might sound unisex, it is perfect for a little boy.

soft boy names

biblical & soft boy names

If you’re looking for a unique baby name & most Soft Boy names for your son, you might consider the Biblical Meaning of Koa. This biblical name has several meanings, including hope, congregation, line, and rule. This name has only one occurrence in the Bible, but is also the name of a town in Ezekiel 23. Friedrich Delitzsch has interpreted both Shoa and Koa as cities in Elam, a region of Palestine, and Media. According to Delitzsch, the name Koa has its origins in Assyrian, which is expected. When you search the name Koa, randomly transliterated Assyrian text, you’ll find several results for the names sutu, kutu, and koa.

soft & Hebrew baby names

The meaning of the name Seth is somewhat mysterious. It is derived from the Hebrew word “sheth,” which means “placed,” or “appointed,” reinforcing the story that God appointed Seth to be the replacement for Abel. In addition, Seth’s name is also associated with the biblical prophet Micah, who prophesied that Seth would rise up against the Assyrians.

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modern one-syllable name

One-syllable & soft boy names like Lewis have a long history. In fact, it was popularized in the 1950s, and its leading associations date back to prehistoric times. Famous people with this name include Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor and former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott. Interestingly, the word ‘fen’ itself is also an ode to a wetland. In fact, the name is a diminutive of the word ‘frid,’ which means peace. Fen is a popular unisex boy’s name; it can also be spelled as Ya’el, which means ‘yew.’

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soft boy names video

soft names for boys that consider as a name of God

Samuel is a boy’s name derived from the Hebrew word Shem. The name is often associated with the Bible and the Old Testament. Samuel has a history of use among Christians and is still very popular in English-speaking countries and Spanish-speaking regions. Modern Jewish communities also use the name. Black Africans and African Americans are also common recipients of the name Samuel. In fact, the name has been used as a first name by more than a thousand people in the United States alone.

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Jacintho is a Spanish and Portuguese variation of Hyacinthus.

another Soft Names For Boys that come from the Greek and Latin is”Jacinthus” which means deep purple or reddish-blue. Hyacinthus is also the name of the divine hero in Greek mythology. His cult dates to the Mycenaean era, when his statue was erected at the feet of Apollo. The flower’s name comes from the Greek and Latin names of the god. It also has a Middle Persian name that means “ruby.”

Jorah is a Hebrew name that means ‘rain’ or ‘autumnal rains’

The Hebrew name Jorah means ‘autumnal rain.’ It is a gender-neutral unisex name that means ‘rain.’ It was first mentioned in the Book of Ezra of the Old Testament. It is also the name of a man who teaches. The name is derived from the Hebrew word “yara,” which means ‘rain.’ The name Jorah is ranked 3081 overall.

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